Digital Heat Transfer Print

Digital Heat Transfer Print – What can it do for you?

1. What is Digital Heat Transfer Print (DHTP)?

Digital Heat Transfer Printing (DHTP) is the process of printing images and transfer onto fabrics and garments. Once the transfer was been printed, cut and weeded, it is then pressed with heat to permanently attach the image to your garment.

DHTP is an ideal Solution for small run full colour printing, particularly for logos featured fine details, vibrant colour and complex visual effect, which are difficult and expensive to be embodied by other decoration method such as Embroidery or Screen Printing.

DHTP can be applied on almost all Uniforms, Caps, Bags and other promotional products, either light colour or dark colour, either cotton or synthetic fabrics, either stretchy or non stretchy fabrics.

2. The Process of Digital Heat Transfer Print (DHTP)

Step 1. Design
Prepare the design on Computer by using Graphic Processing Software such as Illustrator.

Step 2.  Print/Cut
Upload the file to the Print/Cut machine, which will print and cut out the desired graphic on special heat transfer media using solvent ink.

Step 3. Transfer
The printed graphic is to be transferred from the media to the apparel when pressed with heat, in which process a heat press machine will be needed to transfer the graphic from one surface to another.

3. Will DHTP last?

DHTP is one of the most long lasting prints you could have given quality equipment, genuine ink, proven transfer media and right processing.

Our DHTP System consists of latest model Print/Cut Equipment (Roland DG – Japan), Award Winning Ink (TrueVIS TR2 Ink – Japan), premier transfer media (TexiPrint – France) and top notch Heat Presses (Hix and George Knight – USA).

By following our washing instruction, our Digital Heat Transfer Print will last more than 50 washes.

4. Is DHTP environment friendly?

Our printer with TrueVIS TR2 ink (picture)is certified GREENGUARD Gold (picture)for safe indoor graphic applications in even the most sensitive locations, such as schools and hospitals. TR2 Ink is virtually odourless and requires no special ventilation or environmental equipment. It’s also durable, scratch resistant, and offers low-running-cost ink production without sacrificing color or image quality.

The GREENGUARD Gold seal certifies that TrueVIS TR2 Ink has been independently tested and verified to meet rigorous standards for chemical emissions and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

5. When should I consider using DHTP rather than other decoration solutions?

– When you request a small run job.

– When the desired graphic featured fine details, vibrant colour and complex visual effect.

– When you request decoration on apparel made of stretchy fabric, such as sports gear.

– When you request large multi colour decoration on bulky apparel, such as Winter and Safety Jackets.

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